Network Services


On-call technicians for onsite hardware and software support. Remote technicians available for network support of employee workstations and servers without having to visit your worksite. Remote network monitoring to identify problems quickly.


Experts in Microsoft HyperV Virtualization Hosts, Windows Server, Exchange Server, Remote Desktop Server — Our designs provide high-performance cost effective foundations, allowing easy expansion to meet changing business needs. We provide the designs, project plans and budgets to clearly communicate the solution.


Installation of Firewalls and Encrypted\Secured Wireless Networks to protect your systems from unauthorized access. Website Filtering to improve employee productivity, keep workplaces free of offensive material, and help keep costs for unauthorized web surfing, downloading and spyware infections under control. Virus and Worm safeguards protecting e-mail, servers, and workstations with centralized auto updates.


One-stop shop for comprehensive Hardware and Software procurement, backed by industry experience; Installation of feature-rich Email, Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus, Shared File Systems, Backup Systems, Firewalls, and more. Connect to your business from anywhere at any time: Remote Desktop and Remote Desktop Server Access, Remote and Web Access to E-mail with SmartPhone support, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), superior long-range Wireless coverage, and more.


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SoftPBX (3CX) includes: Voicemail-to-Email, Softphones, Integrated Audio Conferencing, Integrated Web Conferencing. We offer High Quality VOIP Phones. With Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Voice Channels we can monitor and Audit SIP Channel concurrent usage and history.

Monitor and Audit SIP Channel concurrent usage and history.

Add or remove SIP Voice Channels by 1 or more, remotely and on-demand.

Add “burstable” SIP channels that customers are charged only for the days they use, or if not used then no costs.

Add Area Code DIDs from other regions, provinces or countries to allow customers to call you cheaply (without Long Distance) and increase customer satisfaction.

Does not require physical telephone landline cabling from Traditional Telephone companies or additional hardware to convert old analogue phone lines to modern SIP channels.

Does not require physical telephone cabling (Cat 3) to each desk, resulting in significant cost savings. Typically cutting new cabling installation costs in half.

Competitive SIP Channel rates and Long Distance.

Incoming Fax-to-PDF, delivered via email using just a DID.

VOIP Desk Phones – By using our SoftPBX offering the VOIP phones have a built-in Company Directory of Internal extensions, call history, speed dial, and other popular features.

Gigabit Phones – Only 1,000BaseT phones (Gigabit Ethernet), no 10/100BaseT (Fast Ethernet) phones to create bottlenecks and become an ongoing problem.

Gigabit Ethernet Pass-through – If desired, allows for Notebooks, Desktop PCs and other devices to use the same physical network drop as the VOIP Desk Phone (no need for 2 drops at every desk, etc.).

High Resolution Displays – Bigger Screens and higher resolution than any Black & White low-end phones that other competitors are offering.

Have the ability to move existing VOIP Phones around (hot desk) and quickly expand and scale up very quickly and on demand, without having to call in cablers or telco installers.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) – no need to hassle with AC Adapters.

Our SoftPBX offering supports VOIP phones from: Yealink, Cisco, Polycom, Panasonic, Fanvil, Htek, Snom, Gigaset, Alphatech, Cyberdata and more.

Best Service Pros – This team manages industrial janitorial services and document destruction for institutions throughout BC and Alberta, such as SFU, Vancouver Convention Center, BCIT, BC Ferries, TransLink and Vancouver Community College (VCC – Downtown and King Edward Campus), and many more. Their IT needs focus on coordinating a broadly distributed team of over 1,000 staff where geography is not an issue. When Best Service Pros moved to a new Head Office (and consolidated their Langley Office), we replaced their aging NEC PBX (with PRI) with a new 3CX SoftPBX (with SIP) and Yealink VOIP phones for their Head Office. As well, we integrated their Calgary Remote Branch for further savings and efficiencies. Besides improving their Telecommunication experience with new Color GB VOIP Phones and SoftPhones for iPhone & Android, we reduced their monthly Telecom Costs from $1,200/month down to $450/month.

Summit Materials (Mainland Sand and Gravel) – With six busy depots and two quarries, Summit Materials (BC) is a very busy and demanding operation. When they needed to move to a new Head Office to manage their growing business, we provided them with a Telecom Analysis. Management reviewed our proposal to replace their aging Panasonic PBX (with PRI) with our 3CX SoftPBX (with SIP) and Yealink VOIP phones. We reduced their Monthly Telecom Costs from approximately $900/month down to $300/month. Besides the cost savings, Summit was very pleased with the new Color GB VOIP Phones, Expansion Modules and Headsets.

LangFab – LangFab Fabricators Ltd. is a manufacturing company specializing in the production of high quality truck bodies, trailers, and related equipment for Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest trucking industry since 1975. Located less than 30 miles east of Vancouver, in Surrey, British Columbia, LangFab offers a diverse product line to its customers. Its main facility stocks all parts used by LangFab, including hydraulics, air systems, electrical, and more. LangFab was using an aging Nortel Phone System with an average Telus invoice of $871/month. We implemented a new 3CX SoftPBX with Cisco VOIP Phones and reduced their monthly invoice down to $313/month.

ICC Integrated Construction Concepts – ICC, based in Surrey, BC, is a construction company that was started by a Ledcor division manager in 1991. It has since grown to over 65 employees, with a branch office in Edmonton. ICC was using an aging Nortel Phone System with an average Telecomm invoice of $1,400/month. We implemented a new 3CX SoftPBX with new Color GB VOIP Phones for both their head office and remote branch. As part of the project we optimized their Internet packages by upgrading their Interent connection to a Dual WAN BGP (Single Set of Public IP), while reducing their overall monthly telecomm invoices down to under $400/month.

Voicemail-to-Email – voicemails are delivered to a user’s email inbox as a WAV file.

Can be forward to other staff for delegation \ follow-up.

Can be saved into your file server project folders (e.g. confirmation of a project go ahead).

Can be received on the road via native email on Smart Phones.

Softphones – Most advanced and reliable Android and iPhone VOIP clients.

Use your extension anywhere. Make and receive calls from your smartphone – at no cost (reducing long distance charges). Stop handing out cell phone numbers (single number reach).

Access your voicemail or check your call history.

Set your ‘away and out of office’ status from your smartphone (or web interface).

When using the softphone there is no need to call forward to cell phones “after hours” or “call forward no answer”. While call forwarding to cell phones is an option, please be aware that this will tie up 2 lines during the entire call (1 incoming and 1 outgoing).

Remote Branches

Add remote branches to further cut telephone line operating costs

Remote branches can have their own incoming and outgoing local area codes and automated attendants

Eliminate long distance costs between Head Offices and Remote Branches

Enjoy all the same benefits of the SoftPBX as the Head Office does (e.g. softphones, voicemail-to-email, etc.).

Integrated Audio Conferencing

No 3rd party service or associated fees required.

Ad-hoc impromptu 3-way conference with VOIP Desk Phones, 5-way ad-hoc conferences with dedicated VOIP Conference Phones.

Scheduled Conference calls allow for larger number of participants.

Integrated Web Conferencing

Host Web Meetings with face-to-face communications.

No 3rd party monthly subscription fees.


Mercury Technologies Services has been a VOIP PBX provider for over 10 years with many implementations and satisfied customers.

Our current SoftPBX offering presents our most compelling proposition of best value, powerful features, opportunities for significant cost savings, and a large selection of high quality VOIP phones and accessories.